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A homoeophathic remedy for the treatment of IBS, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps and flatulence.

200 Tablets
6007650000187 Available Soon
R 130,00
Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis that develops in some people who have high levels of uric acid in the blood. The acid can form needle-like crystals in a joint and cause sudden, severe episo...

20 Tea Bags
6009685083630 Available Soon
R 55,00
Good Health Deep sleep is indicated for:
- Insomnia
- Anxiety
- Nervous tension and stress
- Mild depression
- Fibromyalgia
- Migraines and Headaches
- Carbohydra...

30 Capsules
FAT10100 Limited
R 410,00
Inositol is a B-type vitamin, contibutes to normal psychological function.Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

180 Capsules
6009663996792 Available Soon
R 406,00
Good Health Total Body Cleanse Detox is a two part liver and bowel detox kit designed as a seven day rapid detox or a one month gradual cleanse, depending on your lifestyle and condition. The two part...

Cleanse - 63 Capsules Or Fibre - 90 Capsules
FDY10200 Limited
R 720,00
Good Health Vitamin C 1500mg is a comprehensive, high strength formula in a unique effervescent tablet.
Vitamin C 1500mg has added bioflavonoids for superior absorption and is suitable for the family

30 Effervescent
FWG10100 Limited
R 285,00
Good Health Energy & Vitality contains 3 key ingredients at clinically researched doses; Ashwaghanda for nervous system support & rejuvenation, Siberian Ginseng for energy & vitality, and Rhodiola for...

30 Capsules
FJP10100 Limited
R 460,00
Co-enzyme Q10 is an essential energising anti-oxidant, responsible for keeping cells alive and helps to maintain and support cardiovascular health.

60 Capsules
6009663990240 Available Soon
R 384,00
Poor nutrition is a major risk factor of hair loss and skin problems. Wellvita Hair, Skin & Nails is a daily multivitamin supplement enriched with Omega 3, Biotin and other essential nutrients such as...

30 Softgels
6009880024223 Available Soon
R 83,00
Activated charcoal is believed to have detoxifying properties by binding-up unwanted materials and carrying it safely through the digestive system.

30 Tablets
6009880024032 Available Soon
R 94,00
Wellvita Daily Essentials Coconut Oil Herbal Supplement 30 Softgels contains coconut oil with medium chain triglycerides that offer support to people with poor eating habits. Each softgel capsule contains 1000mg of coconut oil....

30 Softgels
6009880024391 Available Soon
R 99,00
Omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids are all important dietary fats. Each one has a number of health benefits for your body.

However, its important to get the right balance of omega-3, -...

60 Softgels
6009880024131 Available Soon
R 151,00
Vitaforce Biotin Tablets 60 Tablets is a high-potency essential B vitamin supplement.

It helps unlock the energy from food necessary to maintain energy levels as well as supporting a healthy...

60 Tablets
6002570171450 Available Soon
R 170,00
Folic Acid is an essential nutrient to help prevent neural tube defects in unborn infants. Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 help protect heart and blood vessels from elevated levels of homocysteine which is...

100 Tablets
6002570454676 Available Soon
R 160,00
For the treatment of arthritis and associated symptoms. A Homeopathic formulation which assists with the treatment of arthritis and associated symptoms such as pain, inflammation and stiffness of joints including hands and feet with specific aggrav..

6007650001184 Available Soon
R 109,00
A homoeopathic medicine which assists in the treatment of muscular rheumatism (fibrosis or fibromyalgia). Painful muscles, polymyalgia, gout, fibrositis, sciatica, neuralgia, pain after shingles.

6007650001344 Available Soon
R 104,00
Sela Tea Joint Health Tea 20 Teabags 40g is made with African traditional herbs.

It has been specially formulated to support joint health and is traditionally used to relieve joint discomfor...

20 Teabags
6009685081858 Available Soon
R 54,00
Sela Bladder and Kidney Tea with Buchu has been specially formulated to assist bladder and kidney health.

Traditionally used to: Cleanse bladder and kidneys Improve general health.

20 Teabags
6009685081902 Available Soon
R 57,00
Sela Tea Blood Clean Tea is made with African traditional herbs and is specially formulated to help clean the body of toxins and purify the blood for optimal health. It is often used as a blood purifier and gentle laxative....

20 Teabags
6009685081872 Available Soon
R 58,00
Wellvita Milk Thistle 300mg 30 Capsules is a powerful herbal remedy that helps support the normal, day-to-day functions of the liver.

Can also be used to help with the symptoms associated wi...

30 Capsules
6009829050184 Available Soon
R 124,00
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